HB 2736: The Equality and Fairness for All Arizonans Act Filed to Protect LGBTQ+ Arizonans

HB 2736: The Equality and Fairness for All Arizonans Act Filed to Protect LGBTQ+ Arizonans

Legislation will extend Arizona’s non-discrimination protections to LGBTQ+ Arizonans in employment, housing and public accommodations leading to a more competitive and resilient Arizona. 

(February 2nd, 2024,  Phoenix, Ariz.): This week, HB 2736, the Equality and Fairness for all Arizonans Act, was filed that will extend Arizona’s current non-discrimination protections to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Arizonans in employment, housing, and public accommodations. In accordance with Governor Hobb’s Executive Order from 2023, it will also codify protections from the harmful and disproven practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth.

This historic measure is the product of years of thoughtful dialogue between leading Arizona LGBTQ+ organizations, business leaders and communities of faith to support updating the state’s non-discrimination law to be inclusive of LGBTQ+ people.  

The proposed legislation also follows passage of similar non-discrimination ordinances in Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tolleson and Chandler. In total, only 11 Arizona municipalities have LGBTQ+-inclusive non-discrimination laws, leaving millions of Arizonans vulnerable to discrimination with no legal recourse.

“HB 2736 brings the LGBTQ+ community, business community and people of faith together in celebration of the great American tenets of equal treatment and freedom of opportunity for all. This bill reflects the true spirit of bipartisanship and democracy – diverse groups of Arizonans coming together to create a fairer Arizona for all people. We are grateful to Representative Shah, M.D. for his leadership,” said Michael Soto, Chief Advocacy Officer for ONE Community.

“HB 2736 will ensure that LGBTQ+ Arizonans have the same opportunity to live, work, and contribute to our great state. The diverse coalition supporting this bill are Arizonans from all walks of life, willing to work together based on our shared values of equality and fairness.” said Angela Hughey, president, and co-founder of ONE Community  “If we want to live in a state that grows by attracting the very best talent, has a strong economy, welcoming culture, and is open for business to everyone, then we must pass this bill,” concluded Ms. Hughey.

“HB 2736 will provide vital protections for LGBTQ+ youth who are vulnerable to harm and discrimination both from lack of non-discrimination protections and also the practice of conversion therapy,” said Nate Rhoton, CEO of one.n.ten.

“HB 2736 will ensure equal access to hospitals, doctors offices and more across Arizona,” said Jessyca Leach, Executive Director, Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. “This legislation will increase healthcare equity in Arizona, particularly for LGBTQ+ people,” concluded Ms. Leach. 

Support for LGBTQ+ non-discrimination protections have continued to grow in recent years across religious and political affiliations. 93% of Fortune 500 companies have non-discrimination policies that include gender identity and sexual orientation. ONE Community’s UNITY Pledge, a pledge to not discriminate in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations has more than 22,000 individual signers, 3,600 business signers and over 500 faith-based organizations. 

“It’s time to protect all Arizonans from discrimination and harm equally in our great state. Let’s send a message that Arizona is a place that celebrates, respects and protects all who live and visit here no matter who they are or who they love,” concluded Ms. Hughey.


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