Act Today to Protect Marriage

June’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade was an attack on women and birthing people in our nation, and it also created a direct threat to existing and future LGBTQ+ rights. The Dodds decision created dangerous precedent to allow the Court to strike down key decisions on LGBTQ+ equality in the future, including equal marriage.

We can’t and we won’t go back. And thanks to people like you taking action - Congress is preparing to act as early as next week. In a rare moment of bipartisanship, Senators and Congressmen are working together to pass the “Respect for Marriage Act” to codify equal and interracial marriage and protect these valuable rights from future SCOTUS action. 

In a bipartisan op-ed, Sen. Baldwin and Sen. Collin wrote: “Millions of American families have come to rely on the promise of marriage equality and the freedoms, rights and responsibilities that come with making the commitment of marrying the one you love.”

While momentum is growing - there is still work to do. So today we are asking you to take action and send a letter to your Senator asking them to vote “Yes” on the Respect for Marriage Act” and to share our video and action link on social media to spread the word. 

Please sign our letter in support of the Respect of Marriage Act.

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